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Position: CEO

Do you have what it takes to run an innovative fast growing social enterprise?

Do you want to be part of the new league of business leaders that will build a sustainable future for India and its rural areas?

Do you believe in an organic approach to agriculture and the power of people to trade their way out of poverty?

Can you implement professional systems, building on the foundation laid by the promoters of our company and focus on Zameen's mission and vision?

Job Details:

The CEO is overall in charge of Zameen Organic, providing vision and guidance to all company staff and activities, raising investment for the firm and delivering value for the shareholders by ensuring invested capital is being used efficiently and productively.

  • Provide leadership, ensure focus and collaboration between all departments
  • Build alliances with new strategic partners
  • Prepare investment proposals and coordinate business planning
  • Oversee ongoing operations and performance monitoring and evaluation, including quantifiable time-bound monitoring indicators and MIS
  • Formulate new agribusiness projects in conjunction with partners to increase the scope of services and improve competitiveness
  • Explore alternative mechanisms for research and development, including channeling funds through private sector organizations and cost-sharing
  • Analyze performance measures and resource requirements across operations and initiate corrective measures towards eliminating inefficiencies
  • Ensure clear understanding of priorities, targets, metrics and accountabilities among all team members
  • Carry out supervisory responsibilities, including hiring, firing and employee reviews, in accordance with the organization policies and procedures
  • Develop and maintain relationships with major buyers, suppliers and processors
  • Ensure honest and fair payment to farmers through developing a procurement strategy and identifying professional management for its implementation
  • Ensure efficient and high quality processing through developing a processing strategy and identifying professional management for its implementation
  • Ensure market guarantees for farmers' products through developing a market strategy and identifying professional management for its implementation
  • Conduct monthly reviews of service providers and non-profit partners
Overall time allocation:

Staff supervisory and coaching: 40%
Planning and strategic business development: 30%
Business administration: 20%
Supply chain development: 10