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Position: General Manager

  • Post Graduate or MBA preferably in Textile processing, Agribusiness/Supply Chain Management.
  • Minimum of 7 years experience in agribusiness sourcing from small farmers.
  • Proven experience with Supply Chain Management
  • Strong knowledge of the cotton value chain, including capacity building for promotion of the farmer's organization for input/output marketing, agricultural infrastructure and extension education.
  • Strong commitment to organizing small and marginal farmers as a means of increasing income. Clear understanding of farmer issues and clear understanding of farmer led agribusiness development.
  • Team leader with a learning attitude, innovative, determined and professional, willing to travel and stay in rural areas and is able to communicate with farmers.
  • Proven capacity to effectively manage and mentor staff with various levels of skills and experience. Strong managerial skills, including well developed skills in managing complex institutional relations and interactions among a variety of stakeholders.
  • Previous experience with and clear understanding of results-based approach to project implementation, monitoring and reporting.
  • Experience developing business related training materials and implementing training programs.
  • Previous work experience and knowledge of conditions in Andhra Pradesh or Maharashtra.
  • Fluency in English (and preferably Hindi, Telugu and/or Marathi)
  • Previous work experience and knowledge of conditions in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.
Job Responsibilities:

Maintain up to date detail on storage, processing, transport opportunities.

Develop investment proposals for storage, ginning, pressing, transport, seed oil extraction and refining, pulses processing and other value addition activities.

Fundraising for equity and long term loans with various funds and banks.

Coordinate implementation of infrastructure development for storage, ginning/pressing, transport and other processing activities according to the company strategy.

Follow up legal requirements and obtain permits with local government agencies.

Select machinery suppliers for gin/press + other units and negotiate for best service for lowest cost, finalise and enforce service contracts with machine suppliers.

Develop and implement performance measurement procedures and quality control protocols in all processing units.

Assist CEO of Zameen Organic, Program Manager, Regional Managers and AOFG staff members to ensure that all are aware of the commercial requirements in terms of quality production, post harvest management and transport.

Manage procurement and processing of raw cotton. Develop and implement procurement, storage, transport and ginning strategy.

Coordinate with CFO and CEO for settlement of all procurement and processor accounts, communicate with QC manager to ensure quality control and compliance with certification and buyer specifications.

Manage the supply base and develop contract terms to optimize quality, reliability, price, delivery and availability. Maintain relationship with farmer associations and processing partners.

Rs.30,000 - 40,000 per month