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Female Empowerment
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Economic Impact | Komran Badu

Komran used to buy chemical pesticides and fertilisers on credit from a local trader who charged him 60% interest a year. The trader demanded that Komram sell his harvest direct to him at a low set price. With a family of eight to support, Komran desperately needed to earn more.

After joining Zameen, Komran was able to treble his income by adding value to his crop through organic certification and by cutting his input costs. He now provides for his whole family and looks forward to what the future may hold.

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Health | Sandip Kuthe

Sandip told us about the impact of farming with agrichemicals on his health. Pointing at his arms, he described the rashes and constant itching he experienced and spoke about always feeling dizzy, sore eyes and vomiting.

He was ready to give up his farm and family and move to the city following a terrible accident whilst wearing a backpack filled with chemical pesticides.

After receiving training through Zameen, Sandip learnt how to make his own organic pesticides and now farms pesticide-free. He is now happy to stay on his land and has returned to good health.

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Female Empowerment | Sarala Pottee

A married mother at just 15 years old, Sarala was unable to finish school. She remained a housewife for 11 years, unable to seek employment.

Following the death of her partner, she remarried and became active in local farmer self-help groups. After hearing about Zameen and its work she was eager to find out more.

Sarala soon learnt that Fairtrade meant she had the right to hold office and rose quickly to the top of Zameen's democratic farmer structure; the Producer Executive Body. Both the male and female farmers alike hold a great deal of respect for Sarala and she has big ideas for her and her farmers' future.

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All Female Farmer Group

Starting as a self help group, this group of women came together inspired by the achievements of local Zameen farmers.

Now the benefits of shared working and pooling their resources are applied to their farming businesses. They are able to lower their production costs and get better rates of interest by working together.

As an all female group, they also add to the diversification of the elected representatives in a male dominated industry.

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