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Position: SocialAgri Business Specialist

  • Post Graduate or MBA preferably in Cooperative Development, Agribusiness or Supply Chain Management.
  • Minimum of 3 years experience in agriculture development, working with and organizing producer associations and/or managing an agribusiness that sources from small farmers.
  • Experience with Supply Chain Management.
  • Previous experience with and clear understanding of results-based approach to project implementation, monitoring and reporting.
  • Strong commitment to organizing small and marginal farmers as a means of reducing rural poverty. Clear understanding of farmer issues and clear understanding of farmer led agribusiness development.
  • Learning attitude, innovative, determined and professional, willing to travel and stay in rural areas and able to communicate with farmers.
  • Proven capacity to effectively manage and mentor staff with various levels of skills and experience.
  • Strong managerial skills, including well developed skills in managing complex institutional relations and interactions among a variety of stakeholders.
  • Experience developing business related training materials and implementing training programs.
  • Previous work experience and knowledge of conditions in Andhra Pradesh or Maharashtra.
  • Fluency in English(and preferably Hindi, Telugu and/or Marathi)
Job Responsibilities:

Develop, coordinate, implement and monitor the delivery of a participatory business development capacity building program.

Implement monthly planning and budgeting activities at Regional and Cluster levels.

Assist Regional and Cluster Associations to establish effective organizational structures with roles and responsibilities, coordination of labor and activities between farmer groups, clusters, regions and Zameen.

Identify financial planning and reporting needs and implement a training program that addresses those needs.

Prepare a managerial training plan for Clusters including modules for production (planning, finance, and management) input sourcing, storage, sales, HR and logistics.

Develop a training plan for organization management in which the farmer members eventually own the project, and take active participation in Zameen Company matters.

Assess the readiness of the Cluster Association to be fully integrated into Zameen's Supply Chain through the development and implementation of a progressive rating program.

Recommend business development services (and potential service providers and/or consultants) necessary for Cluster and Regional level business development and coordinate monitoring and evaluation activities related to business development.

Assist the Regional Managers and Cluster Managers to conduct independent training programs for farmer associations.

Approve the training plans and budgets prepared by the Regional Managers

Rs.30,000 - 40,000 per month depending on experience.